Upcoming Swim Meets and how to enter

How to enter a Swim Competition (2019/20):

Once you have received an email from the Swimming NZ database asking you to reset your password so you can access the Swimming NZ Members portal known as MyPage. (Note you will not get an email if you have already set up your password) Please follow the instructions given in the email.  

If you have any problems email taieri.swim@gmail.com. It will allow you to update contact & personal information.  However it also gives you the ability to do your own entries for swim meets.

All swimmers complete their own entries through MyPage https://mypage.swimming.org.nz/

Please click here for an information page to show how it is done.  

How do I enter a meet via MyPage pdf.pdf


Upcoming Swimming Meets

Check out https://otago.swimming.org.nz/meets-calendar.html


Seasonal Calendar November 28th 2018

Seasonal calendar from Swim Otago website...